Making a difference
one child at a time

Help us beat the effects of poverty on the lives of far too many children.

Giving time instead of money:

You’ll build valuable relationships, and provide a positive influence for each child. You can also create an incredibly powerful source of stability for the individual you help, many of whom have come from very detrimental or difficult backgrounds.

Ways to help:

tutoring for students in grades K-12  in a variety of subjects based on individual students’ needs. Volunteers will tutor a student one on one to strengthen academic performance and develop study skills. Tutors are matched with student based on tutoring strengths and availability.

  • Fill a Back Pack for back to school
  • Change a life. Make an impact in a young person’s life by spending 2 hours a week with them in a one-to-one relationship. Get matched with a child
  • Looking for a way to give back – Change a life- Mentor and encourage a Child or Teen
  • Help to build their self esteem
  • Help a child succeed. Tutoring a student K-12th grade – Help to strengthen a child’s academic performance and develop study skills. Assist with Homework and other tutoring skills
  • Sponsor a child –help with educational camps and field trips – a day at the Barnegat Recreation Summer trip
  • Sponsor a child – in an extracurricular activity – Give the child a chance he may otherwise not have
  • Send a birthday card
  • Anyone with a background in Social Work – we would love to hear from you.
  • Any business owners – hire and give someone a 2nd chance
  • Do you have a talent, play in a band – share at one of our events
  • Face painting
  • Balloon designs
  • Barbour or Hair stylist
  • Music instructor to volunteer your time- donation for a musical instrument or lessons
  • Sponsor a child or family for Christmas or Thanksgiving
  • Transportation for a child to Youth Group once a week
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Want to help a family in need?