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Focusing on the Hearts and Minds of Today’s Youth

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Hearts of Mercy is a nonprofit organization that provides support, care and guidance in the lives of underserved children in the Barnegat and Manahawkin communities. With our focus on the hearts and minds of today’s youth, we establish close relationships with local elementary, middle, and high schools in order to deepen our understanding of the needs of the children in our program. We provide tutoring, mentoring, access to sports and enrichment throughout the academic year as well as summer camp. With these opportunities, we expose our students to new people, places, and experiences that aid in positive growth and development.



Sports and Enrichment

Family Support

Youth Group

Outreach Activities

As a small but growing community organization, Hearts of Mercy operates on a lean budget. We are proudly volunteer-powered, which helps keep the cost of running our programs down. Like most of us, whether in our businesses or in our households, we are challenged to maintain steady income to meet our monthly costs. Fundraising and donations help, but our goal now is to build a consistent income stream through our monthly donation program. We invite you to consider your ability to make an automatic monthly donation to Hearts of Mercy. Can you help?

What your monthly donation provides:

$10 – 1 week of after-school snacks to fortify 2 tutoring students
$50 – 1 backpack/school supplies for each of 2 tutoring students
$125 – 1 month of tutoring (8 sessions) for 1 student
$250 – 1 year of art classes for 1 child
$500 – 1 week of summer camp + sports/recreational supplies for 1 child

Any size donation is welcome!

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