A Nonprofit Profit Youth Development Organization
Focusing on Growth and Development

A Nonprofit Profit Youth Development Organization
Focusing on Growth and Development

Hearts of Mercy: Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

“To break the poverty cycle through learning and enrichment programs that motivate at-risk children to create a better tommorow.”

Our Vision:

“Children at risk will be equipped to acheive their fullest potential and become self sufficient, contributing adults.”

Tutoring and Mentoring

One of the central focuses of Hearts of Mercy is the Tutorial Program. Twice each week, students meet individually with their tutors for 60 minutes, either virtually or in person. Tutors generally use a portion of this time to help children complete homework, read together, or talk about hopes and dreams, and build a trusting relationship.

Sports and Summer Camp

Hearts of Mercy understands that sports and camp create opportunities to make friends, build skills, and have new and fun experiences. In partnership with local sports organizations and summer camps, and with the help of our volunteers, all fees, gear, and transportation are provided.

Family Support

With close connections to local school administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, churches, counselors and social workers, Hearts of Mercy strives to build on the strength within each family and stand with them when faced with challenges. Shared information between Hearts of Mercy and these entities allows us to understand needs and offer the kinds of support that will enhance the family situation.

Who are we?

We are a nonprofit youth organization dedicated to helping children in underserved communities build confidence and skill through positive experiences with tutors, mentors, coaches, and other leaders.

How can you help?

Your gifts of time, talent, and donations provide our students with access to tutors and mentors, fees for activities, and family support. Volunteers with a variety of skills are always needed.

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We will put your gift to good use! We provide a safe space for tutoring and mentoring, rides to sports and arts activities, camp fees, and gear of all sorts. Our family events allow parents and children to enjoy each other’s company in a carefree environment, and deepens parental support of Hearts of Mercy. You are invited to make a donation to sponsor a child monthly, or to contribute to our general fund.