We believe in giving kids a chance !

The love for a child goes a long way ….





What can we do !

It really dosn’t take much, just showing you care !


Helping the kids with after school tutoring sessions. Teaming up with fantastic retired teachers who volunter their time and talents to help these great kids.

After School Sports

Providing the kids with the oportunity to particapate in after school sports programs. with financial assistance and transportation to pratice and games.

Meeting Needs

Stepping up to assist with the costs of things that the family can’t afford. From sporting equipment, School backpacks and school supplies. 

Who are we?

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children in underserved communities, to embrace their individuality though, sports, extracurricular activities, relationships and education…..

How can you help?

There are many ways to help. Sponsorship, program donations, voluntoring ….. It’s good to get involved, to make a differance. We at Hearts of Mercy believe that even the smallest contribution of love goes a long way ….. 

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Make A Donation

Every dollor makes a diiferance … it helps show the kids that we care. We show that we care by our after school tutoring, providing a ride to after school sports, providing football cleats to help them score the touchdown, We put the money where it’s needed, where it makes the most positive differance in the kids lives.