Our mission

Our Mission

“To break the poverty cycle through learning and enrichment programs that motivate at-risk children to create a better tommorow.”

Our Vision

“Children at risk will be equipped to acheive their fullest potential and become self sufficient, contributing adults.”




Sports & Enrichment

Family Support

Guiding Principles

Accountability: We are stewards of the gifts the public has given us and of the children entrusted to our care.

Commitment: Our board and staff are committed to the children we serve and the volunteers who make our programs possible.

Compassion: We will exemplify a compassionate spirit through generosity, hospitality, sensitivity, and equity.

Hope: We will realize our impact when children and families anticipate a brighter tomorrow.

Inclusion: Families from marginalized communities will know that their children are seen and valued.

Integrity: Watching us, the children we serve will learn dependability, honesty, good judgement, and respect.

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