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We are a newly established non-profit organization in Southern Ocean County, New Jersey. Our goal is to help families and children facing the challenges of homelessness live a full and happy life. Homelessness in Southern Ocean County is becoming a larger problem. Hearts of Mercy, Inc. is in contact with a number of Section 8 housing establishments and has been providing general needs to the people in these situations.

How we can help:

  • Mentoring
  • One on one Tutoring
  • Sponsor children in after school sports activities
  • Skills training
  • Drug and alcohol abuse counseling
  • Domestic abuse counseling
  • Lifestyle guidance
  • Provide meals and basic necessities
  • Assist with personal development


The Abused

Women and children that find themselves displaced with no place to live due to abusive spousal relationships

The Unlucky

Individuals and families that are down on their luck for one reason or another and find themselves with no place to live

The Dependent

Individuals and families that are tired of being dependent on social service programs and want to take control of their lives again

Looking Forward

Our goal is simple – create a better tomorrow for families and children in Southern Ocean County.

  • Build

    Through fundraising, we plan to buy 7 acres of land and build a community of tiny houses. We hope to begin construction in 2016 and start to build 4-5 tiny homes to help the local community.

  • Provide

    Once the tiny homes are built, families will be placed in homes after completing a background check, drug test and financial analysis. Rent will be based on tenants income or social assistance.

  • Counsel

    We will also provide counseling services to homeless mothers and victims of domestic abuse. We will assist them in finding somewhere to go and provide them with someone to talk to for support.

Want to help a family in need?