Meet Anthony: Future Football Star

Just the beginning of a beautiful story:  Anthony is a very talented young man! We have signed up Anthony for Bengal Jr. Football.   We are trusting that many of God’s hands and feet here on this earth will step in to be a mentor in Anthony’s life and hopefully many other children’s lives.  Practice starts end of July.  3-4 times a week- evenings.  It will take mentors/supporters to make this happen.  How can we get the word out  to find those with compassion to help make this all come true.  It takes a village and WE are the village for those underprivileged here in Barnegat.

These sweet children need some direction NOW!  Each year that goes by- possibly another kid lost.

There are also  3 single moms looking into getting certified in the Health Field- to better their lives. It takes a village and lots of small monetary donations… Who can and will help?

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