Housing Assistance

Homelessness in Southern Ocean County is becoming a larger and larger problem. Hearts of Mercy, Inc. is in contact with a number of local Section 8 housing establishments and has been providing general needs to the people in these situations. Assistance with finding more permanent living spaces and help removing the dependence on governmental social service programs is at the core of Heart of Mercy, Inc’s vision.


We want to purchase 7 acres of land and build a community of tiny houses. Tiny homes are less than 1,000 square feet and only have the basic essentials. We will provide these tiny homes for homeless individuals or individuals on social assistance for up to one year. We want to purchase the land and begin construction in 2016. We are looking to start off with building 4 or 5 tiny homes and the fee’s that we will charge the tenants will on a sliding fee scale based upon their income or social assistance. Every tenant will have to go through an application process that includes a background check, drug test, financial check, family background, educational background and medical background.

Counseling and Guidance

Counseling, life skill training, and coaching is a vital part of working to bring self-confidence and removal of the shame associated with homelessness. We will also provide counseling services for homeless mothers to give them advice on where to go, how to get child support, assist them in finding somewhere to live and get their child enrolled into school. In addition, we will also provide counseling for domestic abuse to give those individuals affected by it someone to talk to. Also, we will provide financial support to individuals and families who are in need.

Food Services

For families in need, we help supply uncooked food and dry goods from local food banks and cooked meals from local church members.

Holidays and Celebrations

Holidays and birthdays are especially difficult and Hearts of Mercy, Inc. has brought Santa and his sleigh, the Easter Bunny and birthday surprises to these families in need. Gifts and special needs are fulfilled by the gracious donations of the local population.

Want to help a family in need?